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Automotive Recyclers Association

Understanding Auto Dismantling

One of the lesser-known facts about auto dismantling is that it is actually the 16th largest industry in the United States that produces an incredible 5 billion dollars every year. Dismantling yards produce 80% of the scrap metals recycled to be used in today's automobiles. Our industry offers an excellent service to the environment by reducing and reusing scrap metal from dismantled cars. U.S. Auto Dismantlers scrap more than 11 million cars every year. Imagine what our streets and yards would look like if auto salvage and dismantling yards such as ours did not offer this service.

Junk cars end up in one of two situations. The first option is that the car is fixed and operational and can be returned to the road once again. This can be costly for the person who has to pay for the repair costs. The other option available is that the vehicle is scrapped and a new one is purchased, which is also a significant financial expense. However, the great thing is that I-55 Auto Salvage will assist in both circumstances. We aim to reduce the cost of auto parts such as used engines, used tires, and other used parts. By selling your used car parts and used truck parts, we can recycle and save you both money and time.

Auto & Truck Recyclers of Illinois

Automotive and Truck Recyclers of Illinois

I-55 Auto Salvage is a member of Illinois's Automotive and Truck Recyclers. We proudly serve the areas of Joliet, Aurora, Bolingbrook, and Morris. The Automotive and Truck Recyclers of Illinois supports us in our efforts through programs and services and by promoting the benefits that we offer to the environment and society.