The Parts & Services You Need

At I-55 Auto Salvage, we take junk cars and sell used engines, used parts, and used tires. If you live in Joliet, Aurora, Bolingbrook, or Morris, then you are just moments away from our auto salvage yard stocked with the best parts for your vehicle. Our computerized system is laser targeted to find the exact part you need quickly and efficiently. Our service is used by mechanics, auto dealerships, and more. Our business customers call us for parts at discounted prices and then resell them to you. However, now you can get the auto parts you need yourself. By calling I-55 Auto Salvage, you can get parts for your car that you need without paying too much.

We have a variety of different parts on hand

Our on-hand mechanical experts categorize all the parts and equipment of each car by date, class, and name brand. We have the widest available inventory of new and used parts for cars or trucks!

At I-55 Auto Salvage we have what you need to complete your restoration project

If you're restoring an automobile and don't want to import parts, call us and find out what parts we have that can make your job a lot easier. We have parts for just about any vehicle, and at I-55 Auto Salvage, we make locating the parts you need more fun, relaxing, and cheaper than ever thought possible.

Call us to place an order, or ask us for advice!
(815)467-2938 or (877)467-2941

Get Parts Such as:

  • engines
  • motors
  • transmission
  • radiators
  • condensers
  • a/c parts
  • starters
  • alternators
  • doors
  • fenders
  • headlamps
  • grills
  • tail lamps
  • trunk lids
  • windshields
  • new and used door glass
  • steering columns
  • drive shaft
  • rear end differentials
  • spindles suspension parts
  • ABS units
  • power steering pumps
  • rack pinion air bags
  • air bags
  • ECM power window switch
  • wheels
  • tires
  • steel and aluminum